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Calendly’s effortless scheduling experience

If there’s an app that knows how to bring people together, it’s Calendly. Over the years, Calendly has become synonymous with easy scheduling. Much like we say, “Oh, just Google that” or “join my Zoom,” we now say, “Here’s my Calendly link.”

Too often, brands have a disconnect between their marketing messaging and the end-user experience. Not Calendly. We love Calendly’s recent rebrand and how it creates a fluid customer journey, from the initial website greeting through ongoing product usage.

Calendly consistently reminds users just how easy scheduling can be, and the sign-up screen requires only an email address to get started, creating minimal friction for new users.

Users with both free and paid accounts can create different types of meetings, set their availability, and use a unique link to schedule events with others. With premium versions, users can take advantage of group scheduling and advanced customization options. All of these tie into the Calendly promise of providing easy and flexible ways for people to meet.

The experience is also easy on the invitee’s end. Once a user sends a Calendly link, the recipient can see available dates and times to schedule a meeting.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Calendly knows how to convey its benefits. The brand consistently reminds users how the product helps them connect with others and offers versatile scheduling options.
  • A scheduling screen with large buttons makes it easy for users to create new Event Types or One-Off meetings.
  • Users can define their core working hours and automatically apply this to all event types they create. They can also choose multiple ranges of availability, and override availability on specific dates. 
  • Additionally, users can choose more specific hours for particular events in the event creation flow. By offering this granularity, Calendly frees users to control how their calendars book up. 
  • When users share their Calendly link, scheduling is simple for their meeting attendees as well. Recipients can quickly select a date and time, so connecting with others is a breeze.