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Canva's quick homepage redesign tour

Canva is a popular graphic design platform that makes it super easy to create and edit posters, social media graphics, and other images online.

We recently logged in as returning users to complete a quick visual project, and were treated to a succinct, snappy tour of our redesigned homepage. The redesign tour kicked off with the following modal. Right off the bat, we liked the simple design (we're plant people, so we may be biased).

canva homepage redesign welcome modal window

Next,  3 tooltips  point out important changes to the homepage layout.

canva homepage redesign tour tooltip 1
canva homepage redesign tour tooltip 2
canva homepage redesign tour tooltip 3

What we like about this really good UX:

  • The copy is clear, friendly, and value-focused. Kudos to Canva's copywriters for giving what is otherwise a fairly standard tooltip tour a sense of liveliness and momentum.
  • Big, bold headers and short sentences make each step easy to skim. Users are impatient—the faster you can get your point across, the better.
  • We love the design of the welcome modal. Smart design makes it feel like the leaves are breaking out of the modal frame, even though they're fully contained within a rectangular border. This effect would be easy to replicate using a tool like Appcues, and would require no custom CSS or special styling. Clever!
  • The final tooltip includes a 'Done' button. This is a small detail, but an important one. Tooltip tours that end without a 'done' button or message can feel open-ended and lack a sense of closure.