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Gliffy's fast setup modal

Gliffy helps teams visualize their ideas and processes through a shared diagramming platform. When users want to create a new diagram, the application gets them started in the right design environment based on their goals.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The modal window that pops up every time users click to create a new diagram gets them quickly working in the right design environment with all the elements they need to achieve their goal.
  • Users who already have a draft diagram can seamlessly keep working on it by clicking the import option.
  • The templates option offers an extensive library of charts, diagrams, frames, and maps, among other options, that users can modify to speed up their design process.
  • The new-diagram window series showcases to both new and older users the full scope of the app's functionality. Rather than interrupting the workflow of users, these modal windows help them get more value each time they use the app by exploring the appropriate options.