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Dropbox's redesign introduction

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage and file sharing platform. Recently, they introduced a product redesign to their existing users. Let's take a look at how they did it:

Welcome modal

We like the transparent background of this modal window because it gives a peek into the app, allowing users to keep an eye on their end goal.


We like this use of a hotspot, or a pulsing beacon, because it naturally catches a users attention without explicitly saying, "look here." This tactic employs more of a 'showing' onboarding experience, rather than a 'telling' one.

Magnifying glass

Similarly to the hotspot, the magnifying glass, or pulsing lens, does a good job of catching the users attention and showing them an important redesign feature.

Confirmation modal

If you click anywhere outside of the intended click-area at any point along the tour, this modal window pops up confirming that you would like to end the tour. Implementing a confirmation modal is a good idea if you think your users would lose significant value by accidentally ending a redesign tour.

Success modal

Success modals motivate and excite users during the final stages of a redesign introduction, and can help users feel like the redesign tour was worthwhile.