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Demio's head-on product tour

Demio's webinar software lets you host anything from promotional presentations to lectures and seminars. It's a simple tool that lets you set up and host a show in as little as 30 seconds, but it also has the capabilities for managing attendee registration and event promotion. You can even integrate it with Slack.

In the webinar world, it is difficult for users to fully understand the performance of their chosen product until they've hosted their first event. And by then, users have reached the point of return. It's a sort of hit-and-hope scenario.

The problem is, users cannot glean the information from a brochure webpage to make the best decisions for their needs. Understanding that compelling copy and fancy graphics are insufficient, Demio faces the problem head-on with their inventive product tour.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Exploring digital products is typically a passive experience: You expect the website to do all of the work by highlighting the key features and benefits, which is rarely engaging. Conversations, on the other hand, offer an active experience, which is almost always engaging. Demio capitalizes on this by using video to address the user conversationally. It catches the user off guard and immediately piques the user's interest. When attention is seized, the user wants to learn more.
  • If a picture is worth a one thousand words, a hands-on demo is worth one hundred thousand—at least. Demio's interactive product tour lets users view its features and capabilities by clicking around and seeing what happens. It's efficient, engaging, and compelling. This click-and-learn experience allows the user to understand the product in a matter of minutes.
  • From the super-smiley presenter to the supportive participants in the webinar, the product tour has been designed with the user in mind. Users respond positively to social interactions like these because humans are social animals. Demio takes advantage of this throughout the demo to instill trust and credibility in what they do.