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ClassPass' well-timed feedback modals

ClassPass gives subscribers access to thousands of workout classes, both in-person and via video, through one, convenient, and easy-to-manage access point. Instead of trying to review, verify, and rate every single class independently, the app solicits user feedback to keep track of its offerings and make appropriate suggestions to its users.

Why this is really good UX:

  • ClassPass times the feedback-request flow to pop up the first time users log into the app after taking a class. That's when the class is still fresh in the user's mind, and therefore the time when they're more likely to complete the desired action (leave feedback). This makes leaving feedback feel like a natural feature of using the app and encourages more feedback over time.
  • The detailed information on the top half of the modal windows about the class attended personalizes the process for each user, which also increases the likelihood of getting a response. Being asked to give feedback on a specific class at a specific time makes the question β€œHow was your class?” harder to ignore.
  • Collecting feedback about the level of the class in the second modal window helps ClassPass cross-reference the information they receive from studios regarding the actual level of the class.
  • In addition, asking users to rate the level of a specific class helps ClassPass improve their class recommendations for that user and others.