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Chairish's contextualized signup messages

Vintage-items marketplace Chairish lets users buy and sell chic decor, furniture, and art. As users explore their site, signup messages appear in context. This helps the user onboarding experience feel smooth and natural rather than pushy.

How to use site's most important feature.
Sign-up prompt featuring item user wants to favorite.
Sign-up prompt featuring items from user's search.

Why this is really good UX:

  • A tooltip explains to new users how to use the site's most important feature, the favorite button, as soon as they land on the site.
  • The first signup call comes when visitors favorite their first item. The modal includes an image of the favorited item, and the timing and copy of the signup message emphasize the benefits the user stands to gain. The signup call comes across as helpful and relevant rather than pushy.
  • A call to sign up also appears when new users try to follow a search. The modal window, which pulls in items from their search results, again emphasizes the benefits of signup to the user. The message provides a good reason to give their information—“we'll notify you when we've found the one.”