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Design spotlight: Carts Guru's self-service feature tutorial menu

Carts Guru is an all-in-one marketing automation platform for ecommerce merchants. They know that many of their customers would rather be able to find the answers to their own questions than have to contact support. So Carts Guru created a series of feature tutorial videos, and used Appcues to build a slick self-service menu that would make it easy for users to get the answers they need, quickly.

Tutorial menu modal

Before we look at the full self-service experience, we want to call out one of the stars of the show: a sleek, clever tutorial menu modal. As you'll see in the video below, users can navigate to this menu by clicking on the persistent "?" in the sidebar of their Carts Guru dashboard. 

What we like about this modal is that it allows users to educate themselves about different features at any stage in their journey—whether they're just getting started with the platform or need a little refresher on a feature they haven't used in a while.

self-service feature tutorial menu with multiple options made with appcues

Self-service support, start to finish

You can watch the full experience below, including a "Need Help?" menu and feature-specific tutorial libraries.

What we like about this UX

  • It's made with Appcues, but it feels native to the Carts Guru platform.
  • There's a lot going on in that menu modal, but smart design decisions keep it from being overwhelming: Bold titles, lots of white space, arrows instead of buttons, and simple icons all help make this menu easy to navigate.
  • At this point, the fact that the majority of software users prefer a self-service experience is old news. Nobody wants to call an 800 number anymore. Carts Guru's approach is a great example of a flexible self-service experience that can be used to educate new, invited, and returning users alike.