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Bynder Orbit's mini product tours

Bynder Orbit is a cloud-based organizational app that helps teams and individuals save, share, and manage their digital files. First-time users can discover the app's main functions and capabilities through an interactive product tour organized in steps according to interest and goal.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The first modal to pop up welcomes new users and invites them to an optional product tour. Users have the option to see all the app's highlights or skip the tour for now.
  • Instead of putting users through one long product tour, Orbit breaks the process down into mini-tours. This choose-your-own-adventure model gives users the opportunity to review the task or function that interests them most.
  • The number of steps shown at the bottom left of each tour step help encourage users along by letting them know how long they still have left.
  • Users can opt out of a mini-tour from the main tour's panel at any point so they can begin using the product uninterrupted.