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Brand24's dashboard demystification

Brand24 takes the fast, noisy and chaotic world of social media and transforms it into a manageable communication channel for businesses. The platform lets marketers track, analyze and react to conversations in the social sphere to ensure their brand is engaged on every front. 

To make this happen, Brand24 has to be multifaceted to meet the demands of social media. But to ensure users can get instant value, Brand24 demystifies its dashboard immediately with a clear and concise onboarding flow.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The โ€œCongratulations!โ€ modal after signup welcomes the user to the platform and opens the flow in a motivating and positive tone.
  • Acknowledging an empty dashboard is of little use, Brand24 retrospectively fetches the user's social media data to provide value without delay.
  • Adhering to George A. Miller's โ€œSeven, Plus or Minus Twoโ€ rule on people's limits of information processing, the function-focused flow is capped at five call-outs. This ensures the sequence is manageable for a user's short-term memory.
  • The call-outs with a stark contrast direct the userโ€™s attention appropriately, and the candid copy helps users understand the benefit and how to use each function easily.