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Design spotlight: Billin's delightfully simple in-app survey

Billin is Madrid-based online billing and invoicing platform used by thousands of (predominantly Spanish-language) companies. Their product design is characterized by playful, minimalist illustrations and a clean, colorful UI.

They use Appcues to create native-looking onboarding experiences, in-app messages, and simple user surveys like the one below:

simple in-app user survey modal with illustration and feedback form in spanish/espanol.
A congratulations modal with a simple, one-question survey.

In English, this flow says:

Congratulations, you have created your first document!
We'd love if you could tell us how you heard about us, so we can help more businesses save time with their billing.
For example: Google, Facebook, recommendation by a friend, etc.

custom in-app message modal in spanish/espanol.
The survey is followed by a simple thank you message.

In English, this flow says:

Thank you very much for your help!

What we like about this really good UX:

  • The simple, dynamic visual style. Billin's branding is clean, playful, and eye-catching. We love that Billin used Appcues' customization options to match the design of these modals to their product.
  • A single-question survey is a great way to increase user engagement and feedback. Fewer questions = less work for the user= a lower barrier to action.
  • The timing of this survey is smart—it appears right after a new user has completed a key action in the product. This is a moment when user motivation is at a high, increasing the likelihood of a high user response rate.
  • Billin follows up their simple survey with a friendly thank you message. Every user action should be followed by some sort of feedback that lets users know their action has been successful—and survey responses are no exception.