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Design spotlight: A modal with 4 self-service upsell CTAs from Bench

Bench is a popular bookkeeping service, designed with small businesses in mind. They understand that every business is unique, which is why they offer optional add-on services to let customers personalize their experience.

To offer users a quick and easy way to learn about Add-Ons, Bench created a modal using Appcues with 4 call-to-action buttons that lets users take charge of their own upgrade.

Take a look:

What we love about this ReallyGoodUX:

  • Bench lets customers choose which services they want to pay extra for, rather than charging them a higher set price from the get-go.
  • Using a large modal to lay out multiple upgrade options is a novel approach to self-service upselling.
  • Simple images, bold titles, compelling copy, an exit option, and nice, big CTA buttons check all the major modal boxes