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Design spotlight: Amplitude's new feature feedback request

Any experienced product owner knows that the work doesn't end when a new feature is launched. Gathering, analyzing, and responding to feedback—whether through customer outreach or iteration—are all essential parts of the process.

Amplitude, a comprehensive product analytics platform used by over 12,000 companies, understands this well. They use Appcues modals to make the task of collecting feedback in-app easy, which allows them to bake the process of gathering user feedback into their regular feature releases.

Take a look:

amplitude new feature release announcement in-app modal
amplitude new feature release announcement confirmation modal

What we like about this really good UX:

  • Amplitude doesn't just ask for feedback—they also make a promise to read it. When users are habituated to receiving automated popups and feedback requests, it can be easy to dismiss these as hollow data gathering. By letting their users know "we read every word," Amplitude combats user apathy and lets their customers know the company really cares.
  • The form field includes prompts ("What's working well? What can be improved?"). Even basic questions like these can increase user response rates by removing the cognitive friction of a totally blank slate.
  • When users submit feedback, a friendly confirmation message follows. The copy is conversational and feels genuine. Again, Amplitude lets people know that their feedback matters.