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Adobe's thoughtful NPS survey

Adobe's entire suite of products has gone under countless changes over the decades. They are so successful because they know that change is imminent over time and required if you want your tools to stay relevant. 

Even successful giants like Adobe use NPS to get customer feedback on their products. In this example, Adobe uses an NPS survey in Photoshop to gain feedback that will help them improve their product.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The purpose of this NPS survey is stated clearly: Help improve Adobe Products. Rather than feeling like an imposition, this survey comes across as customer-centric and humble. Adobe doesn't pretend to be perfect, which can be inviting to a user who might want to feel like their voice is heard.
  • Adobe gives the option to write out personal feedback, which can be empowering for users.
  • Lastly, Adobe gives some privacy options to avoid any risk of annoying a user. Users can opt to be contacted about their feedback or not, as well as opt to never receive these surveys again.