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15Five’s “new look” product tour

The performance management software 15Five knows that high-performing organizations are built — in part — on “bringing out the best in people.” Their product makes it easy for companies to understand employee engagement and measure performance and OKRs. The platform is backed by the latest positive psychology research. Yay for science!

15Five also knows that a good product is built on making sure users understand its features, especially when changes are made that affect the user experience.

So when15Five introduced a new product layout and overall look, the brand used in-app announcements to ensure smooth sailing. Check it out in this video.

What makes this really good UX:

  • A left-hand navigation menu makes it easy for users to access different areas, from check-ins to objectives.
  • 15Five keeps the walkthrough short and promises a “30-second” experience in their initial modal.
  • Well-placed tooltips next to the main features guide the user’s attention across the screen from one change to another.
  • Each announcement includes only one or two sentences, emphasizing the most important details. The user has a chance to explore the change before hitting the “All set!” button and moving to the next announcement.