Userlist’s thoughtful empty state screen ft. Jane Portman

Jane Portman walks us through Userlist’s design structure and gives us an overview of how they were able to come up with their design flow to make sure that it aligns with their customers' needs.

In this episode, we’re joined by Jane Portman, the CEO and Co-Founder of Userlist. An email marketing and customer engagement platform built with B2B SaaS features in mind. Jane shares her favorite UX examples and integrations that made Userlist ten times more potent in onboarding, engagement, nurturing customers, and marketing leads.


"When we were designing our onboarding flow, we wanted to create a commitment experience. For us, that's leading the user to entering their credit card details.”
"We don't have a hard time on manual sales, so collecting information during the signup is a powerful thing because it helps users self-diagnose what they're going to do with the tool."
"As a UX person, I'm a big proponent of empty states versus violent things that get in front of you. We want to encourage the organic app experience."

Show Notes

[1:30] How did they come to define onboarding at Userlist?

[2:11] What made them decide to broaden their category rather than niching down?

[6:54] What are other ways to get people into that commitment mindset?

[13:14] Going over Userlist’s website interface and the journey of how they come up with their design flow

[21:38] Jane explains how they wanted their design to be more on the organic app experience side

[24:56] Not all integrations are seen as equal

[26:39] Jane explains the performance of their API integration

[27:48] What are some exciting things that UserList is looking forward to achieving?

About Jane Portman:

Jane Portman is a UI/UX consultant specializing in web application design and the founder of UI Breakfast and Userlist. At Userlist, Jane aims to provide flawless UX and help users improve their customer messaging. Jane has also been running UI Breakfast Podcast since 2014.

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