Thinkific’s JTBD-focused checklists ft. Kris Chichak

Today we invited Kris Chichak to chat with us on the show. Kris is the Marketing Strategist at Thinkific, an all-in-one platform that helps users quickly market, create, and sell their online products, including courses, communities, and memberships.

Kris will give us a walkthrough of Thinkific’s onboarding process and the journey of how they’ve become the best support for their users. Kris also shares some tactics they implemented to amplify their users' engagement. At the end of this episode, he also spoils some exciting experiments that Thinkific is looking forward to launching.


"Segment your customers based on where they're at and develop communications that actually help them accomplish jobs-to-be-done. That's how you improve activation."
"Building a customer journey map has been critical to understanding and improving our activation experience."
"We offer a checklist that gives some structure in terms of what you can do first, second, and third. But, it doesn't force you to do anything in any linear path."

Show Notes

[2:59] How do they define success for new users at Thinkific?

[7:40] Speaking to their customers and understanding their journey is a significant part of Thinkific’s onboarding process

[8:28] Onboarding success is not about getting to that “aha” moment. It’s about building a habit

[12:54] How does Kris work with other teams to jumpstart their onboarding experience?

[17:38] Kris talks about Thinkific’s website interface and how their checklist work

[21:43] How Thinkific uses videos to amplify their user’s engagement?

[26:59] Thinkific aids in guiding their users on how to accomplish their goals and give them more clarity in their journey towards success

[34:45] Kris shares some of the experiments that they’re looking forward to launching

About Kris Chichak:

Kris is an expert in working in fast-paced environments. His exceptional professionalism and dedication to his work are his assets in propelling him forward to success. His strong sense of leadership and altruism makes him stand out in the business world.

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