SparkToro’s fully-featured free queries ft. Amanda Natividad and Casey Henry

Suppose you want to understand the people, websites, and publications influencing your customers. In that case, you spend hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on market research surveys that need to deliver accurate information.

Today's guests are here to give you a quick rundown on how to become a better marketer with the help of SparkToro. SparkToro is an audience research tool that shows the websites your customers visit, their social media accounts, hashtags they use, and more. In this episode, Co-Founder Casey Henry and VP of Marketing Amanda Natividad will give us a full rundown on how they define user success by providing quality over quantity in their product metrics.


“Stories are what capture our attention first.”
"It’s a logical next step to show people the true power. We’re playing the fine line of trying to have a free product forever where somebody can come in and gain value from a free product that provides sample data. However, a premium product for full data is still available."

Show Notes

[1:26] Success for new users in SparksToro depends on the users themselves. Some use it for marketing, some for digital PR, and others for outreach.

[8:24] Amanda and Casey navigate through SparkToro’s UI and explain the before and after of their website

[12:48] The importance of choosing quality over quantity in their product metrics

[13:05] Why do they think stories are so powerful?

[15:30] A product tour of SparkToro and how they were able to come up with one

[21:16] Amanda, the story behind why they added free queries on SparksToro

[28:10] The people who use SparkToro are clickers

[29:44] As a SaaS tool, sales calls are more appropriate for high-touch services

[32:00] The quality of the results depends on the quality of the search

[34:04] What’s next for SparksToro in terms of sales, marketing, and design?

About Casey Henry:

Over the last decade, Casey has been focusing on the engineering and marketing needs of small family-run businesses, profitable startups, and large corporations. He believes marketing without effective or efficient engineering is like a car without wheels.

About Amanda Natividad:

Amanda is the VP of Marketing at SparkToro, an audience research startup. She's also a contributor for Adweek, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, and a former journalist. Previously, she led marketing for Growth Machine, led marketing for Liftopia, built Fitbit's B2B content program, and led content and communications for NatureBox.

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