OpenPhone’s confetti-filled welcome ft. Cai Cardenas

Today, we have Cai Cardenas, the Head of Design at OpenPhone. OpenPhone is an all-in-one phone system platform for teams. It brings your business calls, texts, and contacts into one delightful app that works anytime and anywhere.

In this episode, Cai helps us navigate OpenPhone's UI system and explains how they define new user success. He also walks us through OpenPhone's functionality, its unique features, and how their app centers around collaborating with your teams.


"When it comes to onboarding, once you're in the product, onboarding doesn't end there. It shouldn't end there. So educating our users on the core aspects of the product is very important."
"It made me realize sometimes a bit of friction's okay. If anything, it weeds out the bad actors. If someone has high intent, they're going to put in a little bit more effort to get the results.”

Show Notes

[1:37] What does success look like for new users at OpenPhone?

[3:43] Success for users is dependent on their goal

[5:13] Cai distinguishes users who use their phone to nurture relationships and those who only use it for personal reasons

[7:07] Cai and Ramli navigate the UI of OpenPhone.

[9:04] OpenPhone categorizes what types of users are coming in to use their products and what types of features

[14:50] Educating their users on the exact features of the product is something that they look out for.

[16:04] The balance between tech and handholding

[19:07] What's next for OpenPhone in terms of onboarding and other features?

[20:58] Adding more functionality and features around collaboration is their top priority for their next project.

About Cai Cardenas:

Cai Cardenas is a product designer currently living in Sydney, Australia. He spent the past fifteen years cultivating his skills at agencies, startups, and while freelancing across London, Brisbane, and Sydney, creating engaging digital product experiences through beautifully simple interfaces.

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