Navattic’s interactive product demo ft. Natalie Marcotullio

Today we invited Natalie Marcotullio, the Head of Growth Operations at Navattic, a solution for product-led companies, to create active product demos. If you’re planning to dive into PLG and want to have an easy way to start, you can learn a thing or two from this episode.

Have you heard of an interactive product demo? Where you can have a walkthrough experience and try out products before signing up for the real thing. If you’re not ready to commit to putting your credit card details for a "freemium feature," product demos are a great way to test out whether or not the product fits you and your needs, with no risk involved.

Quotes from this episode

"The fact that people who have seen an interactive product demo already have an idea of what the product does before going into that first call just makes they are more qualified."

“One thing that we've actually really struggled with is how to create an interactive demo of a platform that creates those demos. The reason we created a demo of Google Analytics is because most people know what it is.”

Show notes

[1:21] What is an interactive product demo?

[3:20] If product-led companies already have free trials, why not opt for the free trial instead of the product demo?

[6:39] If you’re someone who wants to move to PLG but you want to test it first, product demos are a great way to start

[8:38] Why did they opt to use the Google Analytics demo for Navattic?

[16:38] Natalie shares the stats and conversion rates for Navattic’s interactive product demo

[18:21] Experiment with more products on your website to increase the visibility of your products

[22:27] Do they ask for emails upfront, before or after the product demo?

[24:47] What experiments are they ready to try out next?

About Natalie Marcotullio

As the Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic, Natalie focuses on helping SaaS companies grow while giving their prospective customers a better buying experience. Natalie thrives in full-funnel marketing, GTM strategy in improving the experience of digital buyers.

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