MURAL’s playful new user experience ft. Lauren Schuman

In this episode, we sit down with Lauren Schuman, VP of Product growth at MURAL, a digital workspace platform for guided visual collaboration. Lauren is a seasoned leader who sits at the unique intersection of product, marketing, and data. She drives the strategy and execution of MURAL's product-led growth efforts.

She’s here today to dive deeply into how MURAL creates the best-in-class digital customer experience for its new users. Lauren also tapped into how MURAL seeks meaningful collaborative sessions where people can create content—bringing up how their team works together to strive and deliver a seamless user experience effortlessly.


“Mural is all about that collaboration that involves multiple people and them coming together to have that moment of collaboration.”
“In onboarding, we're trying to teach you both how to use this piece of software, but we're also educating you on use cases.”

Show Notes

[1:33] What does success look like for new users at MURAL?

[3:33] MURAL is all about that Collaboration that involves multiple people and them coming together to have that moment of Collaboration

[5:40] What are some of the metrics they look at to ensure that things are working well in their onboarding process?

[6:29] The methodology of breaking individual metrics into more extensive metrics

[7:47] Collaboration happens at a team level rather than an individual level

[9:20] How do they work with other teams to deliver a seamless experience for new users?

[11:30] The core of the product is often an essential part of getting activation

[16:24] A walkthrough of MURAL’s interactive UI

[18:17] MURAL allows different options for people to learn in the way that they like to learn

About Lauren Schuman:

Lauren has 15+ years of a track record in delivering results to grow businesses of all sizes. She always believes that "what" you deliver is just as important as the "how." She works tirelessly at becoming a daring leader who leads with vulnerability, empathy, and alignment with a set of values.

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