Mobile onboarding ft. Sam Stuckless

Today we have Sam Stuckless, the Senior Product Designer at Appcues. We will be diving into the deeper side of how mobile apps work and how to achieve a great mobile onboarding experience.

Having an effective mobile app onboarding flow is key to enabling new users to succeed. However, smaller screens demand simpler onboarding because users tend to try out a lot of apps but decide that they want to stop using most of them within the first three-to-seven days. The key to success is to get the users hooked during that critical period. If you’re curious about how this whole system works, strap in because we have an episode just for you!


With mobile, you really have to show the value very visually.
App use mobile can 100% help you nail that first impression for your users.

Show Notes

[1:45] What makes a great mobile onboarding experience?

[3:36] The importance of quickly communicating the value of mobile onboarding.

[6:06] How different is it between using mobile apps and web-based software?

[10:31] How does personalization work on onboarding for mobile apps?

[9:57] Mobile apps are tailored to a specific user and a specific use case. It’s not as feature-rich as the web version.

[15:18] What other things are they currently working on that are coming down the line for mobile?

About Sam Stuckless:

Sam has years of experience working in cross-functional agile teams of product managers, business analysts, developers, and end users. He specializes in product strategy and design and loves uncovering real problems to help people.

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