Lucidchart’s non-intrusive educational approach to onboarding ft. Allen Liao

When you’re working with teams, it’s important to have a sense of collaboration so you can quickly accomplish small tasks and get your team on the same page. Visual collaboration is how modern teams can innovate faster. It hinges on the ability of people to collaborate with the use of visual elements so they can accelerate their business growth at a maximum speed.

Today's guest is Allen Liao from Lucid, a visual collaboration suite that uses incredible cloud visualization, virtual whiteboarding, and intelligent diagramming to help teams see the future. This software is especially made for enterprise and hybrid teams of all sizes.Today we’ll be diving deeper into its premium and free features. 


The most valuable advice about product growth is to really understand what's the input and what's the output. We can talk about growth and ARR retention. But at the end of the day, we really need to understand what are the inputs to growth.
We made a few mistake in the past. One of them was show people 10 things they must know about Lucidchart. My grandma and mom love that. But most knowledge workers we talked to were offended by it.
For user onboarding, strive towards educating people in a non-intrusive way.
“When someone gives their credit card information, they have a higher level of commitment. On the flip side, we want to meet their expectation by giving them the best resources and show the product’s full power.”

Show Notes

[1:20] When it comes to product growth and user engagement, user onboarding is such an important lever.

[5:35] Allen gives an example of user engagement for their product.

[7:57] What engagement metric should be driven by behavior?

 [8:41] How do their teams collaborate and work with each other to drive growth?

[12:20] In our industry today, does engagement, retention, and virality really affect the topline?

[15:25] I'm still figuring out how to teach and educate people in a non-intrusive way.

[21:56] How did Lucid come up with their unique and premium templates?

[27:14] It’s important to figure out other people’s use cases and frequency.

[36:00] How can users identify premium templates and free ones?

[38:18] Lucid always makes sure that they’re providing the right value for their consumers.

About Allen Liao:

Allen is a true leader. He's an excellent product manager for his team and always makes sure that you fully understand customer needs above all else. He leads product-led growth initiatives across multiple scrum teams within Lucid's visual collaboration suite. He's an active listener, a problem solver, and always leads by example.

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