BEHIND THE EXPERIENCE’s journey from hands-on to fully self-serve onboarding ft Enzo Avigo

Enzo is here to explain their UI integration and how they continue to bring outstanding new user experiences to their customers.

In today's episode, we interviewed's CEO and Co-founder Enzo Avigo. is a powerful opinionated analytics tool that allows you to automatically turn your data into learnings and provides actions you can take now. It helps activate more users, improves the onboarding process, and keeps users on track and updated all the time.


“Increasing the friction can lead you to better business outputs.”
“Sometimes when you work on an activation flow it can have a business impact.”

Show Notes

[4:16] What is their standard for being fully set up?

[6:33] Enzo explains the UI for and how they brought impeccable experience to new users

[9:11] Since many users who are first-timers in using June are not technical; they integrated the “set up” bar to help them for better navigation

[10:10] Enzo gives us a walk-through of June’s sign-up low iterations

[11:33] How do they target a self-serving website instead of an integration store

[17:17] Enzo shares some of the learnings that he realized during the making of June

About Enzo Avigo:

Enzo is a self-professed product and data nerd. Over the last decade, he worked in product management in FinTech, Marketplace, and B2B SaaS.

He realized that most tech companies need to learn how their product is used, so he's changing the product analytics world by Co-Founding his company

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