InnerTrend’s customer journey wizard ft. Claudiu Murariu (CEO of InnerTrends)

Join us in this chat as we navigate and try to make sense of all things onboarding while teaching you how to align your goals with your team so you can increase your company's growth faster.

In this episode, we are joined by Claudiu Murariu, co-founder and CEO of InnerTrends. A leading product analytics platform that helps product-led teams with optimization. Today, Claudio will walk us through how InnerTrends understands the impact of the customer journey by creating first-hand experiences for their users. Claudiu also shared some unique strategies for how they handle their data, from acquisition and activation down to retention and referral.


"The onboarding process finishes when you deliver the promise of the product for the first time."

“It’s not just about the tool and making it easy to go through the steps. It’s about how you make it possible so they don’t make mistakes.”

Show Notes

[1:34] How do they define onboarding at InnerTrends?

[3:38] The difference between first-hand experience and second-hand experience 

[7:16] What are the strategies and tactics that they’ve done to improve the firsthand experience?

[13:17] The difference between good and bad friction 

[19:36] The reasons why they never went entirely to Product-Led

[22:09] How did they develop the right questions on their site and build a tracking plan?

[27:28] Aligning your goals with your team is an essential aspect of increasing growth

[34:41] What’s the next big thing for InnerTrends?

About Claudiu Murariu:

Claudiu is obsessed with data-driven businesses right from the very start. His passion for data algorithms and his data hacking skills are his driving force in starting his own company, InnerTrends. He’s continuing his mission to keep raising the bar on driving insights from data and driving businesses towards their growth.

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