How SwipeWell makes it easy to create swipe files for new users ft. Corey Haines

Today we have Corey Haines, the Co-Founder of SwipeFiles. Corey will walk us through how SwipeWell is one of the easiest ways to build a swipe file for your marketing endeavors. And use it as a powerful force to inspire growth.

In this episode, Corey shares their company’s philosophy throughout their onboarding process, the challenges that they had to face, and how they established systems and found their way to success. Corey also gives us a rundown of his personal experience as a power user and how efficiently SwipeWell can help user’s workflow and adhere to user’s experience.


“I think onboarding is all about reducing friction. Trying to hold someone as they go for the next step. "

“SwipeWell is very visual and it’s more like a creative tool where you use it to speed up and improve your workflow."

Show Notes

[1:22] What is success for new users of Swipe Well?

[3:31] Corey shares some of their company’s philosophy on building the Swipe Well experience.

[9:17] Corey gives us a rundown of their onboarding journey and how they found their way to success.

[22:13] How does Swipe Well use its product to onboard people to the product?

[28:34] Corey shares his firsthand experience as a power user of their product

[32:15] What’s the next big thing for SwipeWell?

About Corey Haines:

Corey helps in giving exceptional products the attention they deserve. His passion for marketing is what supercharged him in his mission to become one of the best SaaS marketers in the world. Corey’s undeniable wits in the business world have also helped in founding his company, SwipeFiles.

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