How SignWell Increased Their Activation Rating by Adding Friction ft. Ruben Gamez

In this episode, we interview Ruben Gamez, founder of SignWell. SignWell is an electronic signature platform that makes it easy for you to bind e-signatures and create a faster document signing experience legally.

Ruben gives us a rundown on how they provide and share different experiences for their new product users. He also explains how they were able to onboard different people from different backgrounds to come together and create a smooth sailing, interactive, and hassle-free software.


“We tried to make it clear by just pointing out UI things. In this case, just a new interaction that, once they get it, they like, and it makes sense, and it makes things easy.”

“We make sure that we successfully integrate the product in a production environment and get documents signed.”

Show Notes

[4:28] SignWell ensures that everything is smooth, that the recipient can understand what they’re looking at and get the value from the product.

[6:02] Ruben shares some of the metrics that SignWell takes a look at to achieve success

[8:49] Ruben gives us a rundown of SignWell’s interface and the evolution of how they come up with their templates

[13:58] How SignWell went from trial and error to finally achieving their template strategy

[16:16] The heart of the action that they formed lies upon the excellent foundation and removing friction

[23:39] How SignWell is onboarding dynamic people from different backgrounds

About Ruben Gamez:

In 2009 Ruben started his own company, BidSketch. A proposal software company that web designers and developers primarily use. Ruben knew that his journey in the business world would go on and decided to start a software company that caters to a hassle-free alternative to hard-to-use and expensive e-signature software. And that was the birth of SignWell.

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Ruben Gamez on LinkedIn

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