Hotjar's Tracking Code Installation Screen ft. Alessio Laiso

Today we interviewed Alessio Laiso, the Senior Product Designer at Hotjar. Hotjar equips small and large product teams to connect and empathize with their users. It provides various tools to see and understand how the end users use their site or product. It allows them to identify opportunities that better the user's experience.

Imagine signing up for a product, and the last screen of the onboarding experience asks you to install a tracking code to your app. If you're not a developer, you'll likely leave and never come back! That's one of the challenges for Hotjar, a platform that gives people insight into their users' behavior. In this episode, Alessio Laiso, Senior Product Designer at Hotjar, shares:

  • An overview of identifying Hotjar's users' personas
  • Some critical indicators on how they can drive toward user engagement
  • How Hotjar empowers product teams to empathize with their users while bringing personalization and guidance.


“When we simplified and removed some of the illustrations on our onboarding, things worked better! That was surprising.”
“We reverse engineered the golden path. What actions did our most engaged users do? Then, we guided new users towards that path.”
“The key to improve the user onboarding experience is personalizing it based on the user’s goal.”

Show Notes

[2:26] What does "success" mean for new users at Hotjar?

[4:22] What are some indicators that they use to know if somebody ends up purchasing from Hotjar?

[7:47]  Alessio shares his own experience of using Hotjar.

Hotjar13:42] Alessio gives us a walkthrough of Hotjar interface.

[24:33]  A lot of times, users want to see your product on screen. It gives your site more functionality.

[31:39] The checklist at Hotjar adapts to the options that people or new users choose as a sign-up flow.

[32:12] What is the next big thing for Hotjar?

About Alessio Laiso:

Alessio has led user-centred design work to build award-winning software and experiences enjoyed by people across the globe. He is also a well-known Graphics Designer and has been designing typefaces since 2013. His fonts have been used by brands like eBay, Amazon, USA Today, and are available on Google Fonts.

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Alessio Laiso on LinkedIn

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