CrowdContent’s friendly new user survey ft. Stefanie Brown

In this episode, we chat with Stefanie Brown—Product Manager at Crowd Content—about how personalized onboarding experiences make users feel seen and improve conversions. Win-win! 😊

Cloud Content is a powerful content creation solution that lets you get all your written content in one central location. They’ve got a content marketplace that connects more than 2,000 writers with agencies, brands, and publishers. To best serve their many audiences, Crowd Content crafted a personalized welcome experience. 

Did it work? The proof is in the percentage—and they increased conversion 15% by personalizing their onboarding with findings from a new user survey. TL;DR? Just say no to one-size-fits-all onboarding.  

Quotes from this episode

“There has been some rearranging of the options in the new user survey. We try to get the most important stuff for us at the get-go, the first couple of questions because we know people, they just want us to get started.”

“Personalizing the onboarding experience with a new user survey improved our conversion rate by 15%. It's because new users feel like someone cares about them and wants to make sure they're successful.”

Show notes

[2:40] How Crowd Content optimizes their onboarding

[4:44] Key indicators Crowd Content looks for in successful onboarding programs 

[8:15] The similarities and differences between onboarding clients and freelancers

[10:13] How Crowd Content works as a team to iterate their onboarding experience

[21:01] The guts of their new user survey 

[27:59] How clients determine quality  

[29:57] What’s up next for Crowd Content?

About Stefanie Brown

Stefanie has a deep understanding of the best practices for SEO and content marketing. She is always one step ahead in looking for ways to solve problems even if it’s completely out of her wheelhouse. Stefanie is a grinder at heart.

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