AWeber’s checklist that adapts to people’s goals ft. Daniel Hanawalt

Today we have Daniel "Dan" Hanawalt, The UI/UX team lead at AWeber, an email marketing company where you can grow, sell, and engage with your audience in one platform.

Dan helps AWeber in the design aspect, as he leads his team to create simple user interfaces and workflows to accomplish the complexities of email marketing automation tasks. In this episode, he gives us a rundown of their product and design strategy while enumerating some of the metrics they follow to track their performance.


"We see that there's quite a big hump over there sending that first email and after that, it seems to be much easier. We have success for our customers tied to that metric."
"We all work together. We evolve and develop a design system for all users across the app. So we work very closely together but still focus on these individual areas."

Show Notes

[1:39] What does success look like for new users at AWeber?

[4:35] What kind of metrics are they looking at?

[7:08] What role does Dan play from a team perspective?

[9:41] Dan explains their holistic approach toward developing new features

[12:54] The key to putting their systems in place is having close communication between departments

[13:28] Dan gives us a walk through AWeber's UI

[17:10] It’s important to keep the audience fresh by constantly communicating with them

[22:13] Don't get disappointed about the rates of your checklist completion, especially when you're just starting, because you have a lot to learn

[22:43] “You are often not the target that you are trying to reach”

[25:29] What tweaks and experiments are they looking forward to trying out next?

About Daniel Hanawalt:

Dan has had quite an experience working with high-performing companies in the field of Email Marketing Automation, Life Sciences, and Master Data Management. His career is focused on UX leadership and strategy as he implements some of his background in various design principles, which includes UI and UX design for web, mobile apps, video, and print. Today, he's been spearheading AWeber in achieving its business objectives.

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