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Yelp's new bookmark collections feature

Yelp's mobile app gives people access to a wealth of business information when they are looking up different services. Yelp has been a community since 2004, when they created their Elite Squad. Recently, the company took this inclusive approach a step further and created Bookmark Collections.

Why this is a really good UX:

  • The notifications UI is unobtrusive yet easy to see because of the color contrast between the red โ€œNewโ€ sign against the beige background.
  • The high quality of Yelp's images give this update an intriguing feel. The aesthetic also draws users in because often image quality can be a deciding factor given the choice between two or more items within a similar category.
  • The sense of community offered by this new feature makes Yelp even more of a social network. It also drives return visits, since 88 percent of people trust customer recommendations as much as those from a friend and or a family member.