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Facebook Neighborhoods makes it easy to sign up

Facebook Neighborhoods is one of the latest features on the Facebook app from Meta aimed at making it a more local place on the wider internet. With this feature, you can meet and connect with people who live near you and care about the local issues that you do.

Facebook wants to make it as simple as possible for people to understand what Neighborhoods is and why they’d want to join, then make the decision to opt-in.

It all starts with a simple push notification on your mobile that tells you about a new feature. It entices you to join by telling you about all of your friends who’ve already joined—people you presumably trust.

facebook neighborhoods screenshot

Once you click the notification, you’ll be taken to a series of well-made screens with cute animations and succinct text that gives you the rundown on what Neighborhoods is. At the bottom of each screen, users have the option to click the button “Find your Neighborhood” if they want to move on quickly to the sign-up process.

facebook neighborhoods screenshot

Once you click “Find Your Neighborhood,” Facebook prompts you to confirm your location, while assuring you that this only needs to be done once before location sharing can be turned off again. This helps some people who might be interested in Neighborhoods but are concerned about privacy.

facebook neighborhoods screenshot

What makes this really good UX:

  • Facebook makes it super easy to sign up for Neighborhoods. Only a couple of clicks (or taps), and you’ll be ready to go.
  • Facebook uses personalization touches like which of your friends have already signed up. This shows users that this feature can be trusted because their friends use it. It also gives them a reason to sign up (so they don’t miss out on what’s going on there).
  • Facebook uses clear copy and engaging images to clearly tell a story of what Neighborhoods is for and why you should sign up.