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Snapchat's Map feature release

If you haven’t seen them yet, Snapchat has been releasing a bunch of awesome new features, including the Snapchat Map. What is perhaps even more awesome is how they have been releasing them. Snapchat is a natural leader in user engagement, with no exception regarding new-feature introduction. Let’s take a look at how Snapchat intrigues and excites their users with clever CTAs and eye-catching UI in their recent update:

First, we see an engaging CTA. Here, the user physically has to use their fingers to reveal the new feature.

Once you arrive at the map, you are more or less left on your own to explore the various features. Although being left with no direction tends to contradict successful user onboarding, Snapchat keeps their users intrigued with eye-catching UI. Heat maps and Bitmojis seem to be enough to engage users in this strange, virtual landscape.

Of course, Snapchat is generally in a UX league of their own with such a unique product, but there are definitely some universal takeaways from their successful new-feature release style. Making CTAs interesting and exciting (rather than a simple “click here”) sparks user interest and increases engagement. Additionally, with remarkable UI, less direction can also lead to higher user engagement by encouraging users to explore on their own. We’re not saying it will be easy, but creating more effective new-feature introduction is definitely on the horizon!