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Skyscanner's pretty data privacy settings notification

Can data privacy really be "pretty"? The answer, it turns out, is yes!

Reminding users about their right to privacy is always good UX, but Skyscanner—a popular OTA (online travel agency) aggregator that lets users search for flights, hotels, and rental cars from multiple sources—went a step further by designing some truly delightful mobile modals. Users of Skyscanner's mobile app will have seen one of several versions of the simple-but-effective "Your data. Your choice." messages below:

skyscanner mobile app data privacy fullscreen modal window
skyscanner mobile app data privacy fullscreen modal window second version

What we love about these ReallyGood modals:

  • Skyscanner uses plain and simple language to explain that (A) they collect user data, (B) this data collection adds to the UX overall, but (C) users are able to adjust their privacy settings at any time.
  • All the important ingredients are present: A descriptive title, eye-catching graphics, succinct copy, bold CTA, and links to further resources.
  • The colors are mellow, reassuring, and make the whole screen feel pleasant (rather than jarring, which data privacy messages can often be).
  • Fullscreen feels like the right choice for a message this important.