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Skype's success messages

Communication tool Skype lets users connect through voice calls, video calls, and chat from various devices. For their latest product redesign, the app introduced mobile users to new, enhanced features with an interactive and playful onboarding flow.

Why this is really good UX:

  • To avoid overwhelming new users or confusing long-time users who were used to a different  interface, Skype breaks down the walk-through into separate cards. This allows users to explore each feature redesign separately, without worrying about everything at once.
  • The colorful cards and playful animations make the onboarding fun and seamless.
  • After completing a card, users receive a celebratory message in the main product-tour card stack. These success markers help boost user psychology and goad users to review all other changes in the app.
  • Users receive celebratory messages even when they don't complete an action in a card, as in the chat and calls cards above. The instant gratification from simply opening the card adds to the users' motivation for going through the entire product redesign tour.