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Savio's hands-on onboarding approach

Savio helps SaaS teams track and use product feedback to build better software. 

One of the biggest challenges in its onboarding process is that new users have to integrate one or more NPS, CRM, or product feedback tools into it to experience the product’s value. 

There are several ways to clear this hurdle, including using “dummy” data to show the platform in its full potential. Amplitude, an app analytics platform, takes this approach by showing new users a demo account loaded with dummy data.

Amplitude's demo account
Source: GoodUX ft. Amplitude 

Kareem Mayan, Co-Founder of Savio and Conversion Consultant at, takes an opposite philosophy. 

“Our operating thesis is that the most effective way to get people to understand the mental model of your product and the value they’re going to get is to actually have them do it in real life,” explains Mayan.

Their hands-on onboarding approach takes users through integrating a product feedback tool into Savio.

On the welcome screen, new users have the option of getting the instructions to connect their first customer feedback source or watch a short 2-minute video of “a working feedback system” once users have completed setting up their account. 

Savio's welcome screen
“We just want to show people in 2 minutes why you're going to do this, what you're going to do, and what you're going to get after you jump through these hoops,” says Mayan. “It’s framing up what you get and why it's worth jumping through these hoops.”

The next onboarding screen lists the main integration into Savio including Zendesk, Intercom, Help Scout, HubSpot, and more. 

Integrating Intercom to Savio

Once users select their product feedback tool of choice, Savio walks them through setting up and validating the integration with that tool.

Here’s Mayan setting up Intercom for Savio:

The last 2 steps are important (categorizing product feedback and attributing MRR to those feature requests) since they are the steps users will have to repeat to mine useful, actionable insights from the product feedback data.

Categorizing product feedback n Savio

Setting up MRR property

What makes Savio's hands-on onboarding approach a #GoodUX:

  • Rather than introducing possible confusion by using dummy data to show the product’s value, Savio takes a more hands-on approach of walking users through setting up their account.
  • They show Savio’s full potential using a short 2-minute video. It’s a great way to help SaaS teams envision how Savio can help them use product feedback data to confidently prioritize what to build next.
  • Using a linear progress indicator, Savio sets the expectation for users that it takes just 4 steps to start experiencing the product’s value.

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