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kthx's new user onboarding

kthx is a photo sharing app that allows users to easily tag people in photos, and share those photos with the people tagged. As a young app serving a unique purpose, good user onboarding is a crucial step in securing the future success of the company. Here are three reasons why we like this onboarding experience: beautiful UI, super quick sign-up, and a clever and motivational progress bar. Let's take a look:

Beautiful UI

Progress bar at the bottom, as well as a blue sliver in the bottom corner, encouraging users to swipe through the screens.

We like these welcome messages because, put simply, they look amazing. Bright colors, relevant emojis, and clever text encourages users to complete the onboarding process and sign up for the product. There's nothing too complicated about this UI, and it sets the tone for the rest of the in-app experience.

Super quick sign-up

Confetti is shown as a reward for signing up.

After clicking "Lets go", all you need to sign up for kthx is a mobile phone number. This makes the oftentimes-tedious process of signing up for a product super easy and quick. Minimizing steps in a sign-up process is a great way to reduce churn, and onboard more users faster.

Clever and motivational progress bar

Progress bar at the bottom.

Success modal window.

At the bottom of the screen, there's a progress bar marking how productive you've been as a newly onboarded user. After tagging only one friend, you are qualified as a "noob", but after tagging ten friends, you're now a "novice". We like this unique progress bar because it pokes fun at the user, while maintaining a playful tone with emojis and clever text, as seen earlier.