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Goody mimics texts for a unique onboarding experience

You might read Goody’s tagline—“send a gift as easily as a text”—and think, “Huh? How does that work?” Well, Goody is prepared to show you, right within the first moments of using their app.

Goody greets new users with a screen that matches its core functionality: text messages. It’s pretty common for an onboarding experience to offer multiple flows, like “Show me more” or “Try it out,” but Goody got creative and displayed these options as if they were text messages in a thread.

If users want to start gifting, Goody clearly explains how the product works in three easy steps.

And once a gift is sent, Goody reminds users to enable notifications.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Goody knows that users are experiencing something novel: sending gifts via text. The welcome modal helps bridge any gaps by clearly explaining what will happen, from sending a gift to someone’s phone number to paying only when the gift is accepted. This helps to diminish hesitancy or friction among users.
  • The overview of how the app works promises to be quick—Goody lets users know that a video will offer an explanation in just 20 seconds.
  • Notifications are a big part of mobile life, so Goody incentivizes users to turn them on. Want to know when the recipient sees their gift? Gonna have to enable those notifications. 😉
  • Goody offers users the chance to send a free gift, so users can see how it works. By testing it out in real life with a free option, users can reach their “aha moment” sooner.