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Etsy's interactive empty feature screens

Etsy gives users access to a global marketplace for unique and creative goods. In order to help new users get more value out of their first-time exploration of the app, Etsy cleverly uses the empty screens of unused features to prompt action.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Each empty-feature screen features a relevant button that helps an action that will improve their experience in the app and increase the value they get out of it.
  • The empty-feature message on the Recommended tab changes based on whether a new user has signed up for an account yet or not. Users without an account get a “Get Started” button that takes them through the account creation process. Users with a new account get a “Start Exploring” button (rather than random non-personalized recommendations), so the app can learn what interests them to make relevant recommendations.
  • Instead of showing users a location permission request out of context during the initial sign-up flow, Etsy places an Enable Location button inside the Local tab. Giving users the option to enable the location access after learning about Etsy Local (and only if and when they want to) helps build trust and promotes the usefulness of the app.