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Copper's magical success state screen

Acquiring new users and guiding them to your product’s “Aha!” moment requires some heavy lifting—but don’t assume the job is done there. It’s essential to keep new users interested in your product. 

How? By celebrating your customers' achievements! By doing so, you can create a connection between their success and your own. 

It’s also the perfect opportunity to guide users to the next step in the onboarding process, whether it’s:

  • Setting up their account even more.
  • Installing a mobile app or Chrome extension.
  • Scheduling a call with your customer success team.

That’s exactly what Copper, a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed specifically to integrate with the Google Workspace suite of applications, achieves with its user onboarding.

Copper asks new users what their primary goal is for signing up. 

Copper's welcome screen

Then, users can the option to add Gmail contacts directly to Copper.

Copper encouraging users to add new Gmail contacts

After they’ve completed those steps, Coppers shows a magical success screen with confettis raining down from the top of the screen.

It reads, “Congratulations! Now bring the magic of Copper into your inbox with our free extension.”

Copper's magical success state screen

Installing Copper’s Chrome extension is the key to making it work seamlessly with Gmail. That’s why they encourage new users to install it.

Jessica Andrews, Product Marketing Lead at Copper, says that they see 25% of new users install their Chrome extension directly from this screen.

At the very bottom of the screen, a subtle bar reads, “Click here if you’d like a demo with one of our Copper specialists.”

“Since most of our new customers have never used a CRM before, offering a personal demo can help them see how Copper can help streamline their business,” Andrews says.

For your user onboarding experience, are you congratulating new users when they achieve something meaningful within your product? And if so, are you guiding them the next step in onboarding that help them unlock further value?

Why this is #GoodUX:

  • Copper delights users with a success state screen that showers them with on-screen confetti and congratulates them with playful copy. This reaffirms for users that they’re on the right track to fully experiencing the product’s value.
  • After celebrating the user’s achievement, Copper encourages them to take the next step in the onboarding process by installing their Chrome extension.
  • Copper offers users the opportunity to get a personal demo from a specialist. Yes, those of us in product-led growth have repeatedly heard about the Forrester study that found 68% of buyers prefer to do research online on their own. However, there’s still a third of buyers who prefer learning how a product can help them achieve their goals via a personal demo with a salesperson. 

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