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Webflow's user onboarding

Webflow is a website development tool that make it easy for less-technical people to build beautiful responsive website. Here's how they onboard users to their website builder.

Blinking hotspot top left

Why this is really good UX:

  • The welcome modal lets individuals self-identify, giving good data back to Webflow, and pushing individuals to their appropriate onboarding tour
  • Users are brought into the design suite, and see a blinking green hotspot on an element of the editing interface. The hotspot UI pattern is non-invasive, so a user who has no idea where to begin will likely click this, but any advanced user may easily ignore it
  • The following steps help acclimate a user to the main building blocks to building a website an dare triggered on action/completion
  • The final tooltip in the series offers a congratulations and a resource to continue learning