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Vivino's visual wine walkthrough

To untrained taste buds, the wine market can be a minefield: the choice is abundant, marketing is manipulative and the quality spectrum is broad. Unless you are an oenophile, selecting the right vino for an occasion is no easy task. This is a genuine user problem!

But luckily for those who get lost between the vineyards, Vivino—a wine community, database and mobile application—has come up with a simple, yet brilliant way to solve the problem through collective intelligence. Armed with their app, users can access instant reviews and ratings on all wines, in all circumstances—in stores, restaurants and online—to select the perfect bottle for their preferences.

To get users to their first sip with ease, Vivino puts their app into context with a simple, fun and visual walkthrough

Why this is really good UX:

  • Registering the value of the product in the minds of its users is essential for onboarding success and ongoing retention. To do this, Vivino turns to its illustrations to tell the story of how the app fits into the real world and the daily lives of its users. This way, the value is instantly and effortlessly perceivable.
  • Branding is key to the user experience: it makes it more engaging, memorable and enjoyable. Vivino makes its brand statement effectively through its quirky characters and its wine-themed color scheme. The flow feels approachable, friendly and fun, which is purposely aligned with the Vivino brand.
  • The walkthrough adheres to all the onboarding best practices: dot icons for feedback of location, tight copy, social login and clear call-to-action.