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Vimcal’s calendar onboarding shows users what it can do

Vimcal is the latest calendar app looking to supercharge your planning prowess. Its goal is to make using your calendar as quick as possible through convenient hotkeys tied to common calendar tasks.

In its onboarding flow, Vimcal sheds plain text and videos and instead offers a guided sandbox where users can actually manipulate a calendar and see firsthand how Vimcal can improve their productivity.

Most of Vimcal’s magic occurs in the Command Center, where users can quickly start new tasks like creating events or setting availabilities.

In this onboarding flow, Vimcal walks users through how to select availability by having them practice it themselves.  

Prompts along the bottom of the screen make it easy for users to quickly see how to manipulate the Vimcal calendar.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Vimcal’s instructions are simple and out of the way, which allows users to get a feel for how the product will work after they’re done being onboarded.
  • They don’t waste time telling people why their product is great. They let users discover the magic on their own, so they can get to their aha moment quicker.
  • Onboarding takes no longer than it needs to, lasting roughly 10 minutes from start to finish, so Vimcal can live up to their goal of saving you time.