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UXPin's onboard-to-action flow

With UXPin, designs travel at lightning speeds. Everything from basic wireframes to pixel-perfect UIs can be developed under one roof for a seamless workflow. And to encompass all things design, it acts as a hub for design systems and documentation. 

But as designers are creatures of habit, it is a challenge to lure them away from their go-to tools to try something new. 

UXPin understands this and has designed a lean and direct onboarding flow to get its product into the hands of designers—as fast as possible—letting them discover the benefits for themselves.

Why this is really good UX:

  • In four simple steps, a designer goes from a prospect to a user. Superfluous steps like asking for a name, address and occupation are descoped from the flow to keep it concise. This way, only the essentials remain to let designers get up and running in a matter of seconds.
  • Trying something new comes at a cost. Designers need to migrate their assets and adjust to the new workflow. To decrease the complexity of doing so, UXPin proactively helps the user by retrieving the user's style guide from a live website. It is a neat tool and a clever way to dismantle another user barrier.
  • The UI is prominently white space following the principle that every pixel must have a purpose. As a consequence, all attention is proficiently drawn to the critical "start free trial" and "start your journey" CTAs to keep users moving forward.