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UJET’s experiential product demo

UJET is an all-inclusive customer support software that lets customers and businesses instantly connect to resolve problems faster by phone, web or in-app. The software leverages smartphone capabilities to give support teams access to customer fingerprint verification, real-time photo sharing and diagnostic information. This gives teams immediate context for efficient customer support. Because UJET's approach to customer support is novel, it can be difficult for users to envision how it could fit into their workflow. To solve this, UJET has created an experienced-based demo to let users get hands-on and learn by doing.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The demo plays out an end-to-end customer support scenario so the user can understand the product much faster than they would otherwise. This method lifts the veil on what the product can really do. It generates product trust, confidence and interest in a novel way.
  • The demo uses progressive disclosure—a step-by-step flow—to maintain the focus of the user’s attention by reducing the amount of information on the screen at any one time. This way, the user has the chance to comprehend each UJET feature, which will support memorability.
  • Walkthroughs typically entail a passive user experience. Disengaged users are more likely to skip through the process and come away empty-handed. But UJET prompts the user to interact with its features with a pulsing green element, so they can see how things work for themselves. By encouraging users to get hands-on, it holds their attention. And with attention comes a better understanding of what UJET is all about.
  • Known as the Zeigarnik Effect, users hate not finishing what they start. UJET takes advantage of this with a prominent progress indicator to show how far from completion the user is. As well as providing relevant feedback, this coaxes the user to the finishing line.