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Toggl offers one onboarding tour at a time

Ever finish up a project and wonder how much time you actually spent working on it? For entrepreneurs or teams that rely on hours spent to bill clients or bid on projects, Toggl provides an easy time-tracking solution. ⏰

Toggl knows that easy onboarding matters. The brand even highlights its onboarding experience on the “Our Mission” page of its website.

When new users sign up for Toggl, the product greets them with a modal that offers two paths: exploring the app on their own or a guided tour. Who doesn’t love a great tour guide? Let’s go!

The guided tour uses tooltips to show users how to track time and set up new projects.

At the end of the onboarding tour, Toggl congratulates the users on a job well done.

Along with the round of applause, Toggl offers another tour for other features. The two buttons “Maybe later” or “Show me” give users a choice: they can either dive right in with time tracking, or they can check out other Toggl features such as Reports or Insights.

What makes this really good UX:

  • By breaking up the onboarding tour into different features, Toggl is shortening the time to value for users. Sure, all features could be crammed into one long tour, but the onboarding shows off the key feature first and then gives users a chance to get started, instead of forcing users to go through one long tour covering every feature.
  • Both the welcome and concluding modals of the onboarding tour remind users that they can resume onboarding at any time and let them know how to access it again.
  • Each tooltip in the time-tracking onboarding tour gives users the option to skip that particular step and shows how many steps are left. These tooltip elements reduce friction in onboarding by giving users control and reminding them that onboarding is short and sweet.