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Ticketmaster’s unique personalization fuels product adoption

Sometimes your customers don’t know what they’re looking for until your product shows it to them. A customer might download ticket marketplace app Ticketmaster to purchase tickets for a Taylor Swift cover band without even realizing that Taylor herself is in town.

Ticketmaster embraces personalization as a method for driving product adoption. They designed the mobile app to market events to a new user based on the user’s own preferences. The user is more likely to purchase tickets through the app and realize the value of the product.

Their onboarding process contains a few easy-to-follow steps that provide new users with a customized experience that contains minimal friction. Users are greeted with an empty state upon filling out their sign-up information. This screen includes a CTA prompting users to select their favorite events to populate the “For You” section of the app.

Ticketmaster Add Your Favorites prompt

The user clicks the CTA and is brought to an illustrated search function. Users can scroll through events and select any musical acts, sports teams, or performance venues they enjoy with the touch of a button.

Ticketmaster search for your favorites

Alternatively, Ticketmaster allows a user to seek out their favorite acts through the easy-to-locate search bar near the top of the UI.

Ticketmaster search bar in action

The default screen for the new user’s “For You” section displays upcoming events in the user’s geographical area. These suggestions are based on their demographic information and preferences they selected in the previous screens. Users can select the prominently displayed “Add Favorites” button on the page to add favorites later, too.

Ticketmaster personalized home screen my geographical area

Ticketmaster provides additional recommendations further down the screen based on the specific artists selected during the onboarding process. The user may scroll through these recommendations and realize they forgot to favorite an artist they really enjoy. A user’s additional favorites can help fine-tune the recommendation algorithm and increase the accuracy of Ticketmaster’s recommendation engine.

Ticketmaster suggestions for what events to attend

Why this is really good UX:

  • New users personalize their Ticketmaster account during the onboarding process. This process adds minimal friction and informs user-specific event recommendations.
  • User-specific recommendations increase the likelihood that new users will purchase tickets and engage with the app for the long term.