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Shakr's video creation tutorial

With Shakr, businesses can make beautiful videos using their own video footage, photos and copy. Because making a video isn't exactly a common skill, Shakr uses their onboarding flow to walk users through making their first video step by step.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Shakr begins the onboarding flow by asking about the goal of the company's campaign, as well as the type of content they are bringing to the table (text, images and videos). This helps Shakr provide a more personalized onboarding experience.
  • After the user chooses a video style, they are brought into the video editor. Shakr employs neon pink boxes and blue tooltips against a dark background to highlight each important step that goes into making a video on their platform.
  • Tooltips also point out other areas in the editor, such as the “All Changes Saved” text, to help the reader further understand the tool. While it may seem like so many steps go over the top, video creation is a skill that most people have zero to little experience in, so the extensive walkthrough is necessary.
  • The congratulatory message after a user completes their first video makes new users feel excited about their accomplishment — especially if someone has never made a video, this can feel like a big feat!