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Semrush uses onboarding emails to introduce individual tools

Semrush is an all-in-one content marketing and online visibility suite that helps with everything from managing your social posts to researching competitor keywords.

Because they have over 40 tools in their suite, a traditional onboarding experience introducing each one would be lengthy and off-putting to users who might only be interested in 3 or 4 of them. Instead, Semrush onboards users on each tool individually through email.

When users start with 1 of their tools, Semrush sends them an email with helpful tips and graphics to show them how to use this tool effectively.

In some cases, like with audits, these emails will be personalized, reminding you of the audit results and providing you with the next steps you can take to resolve any outstanding issues the audit found.

What makes this really good UX:

  • By doing some of their onboarding through emails, Semrush allows users to tell them what tools they want to be onboarded on and at what speed.
  • These onboarding emails make it easy for users to get information. Rather than hunting through an online database for how to use a tool, Semrush sends them instructions straight to their inbox.
  • The emails include helpful graphics, statistics, suggestions, and links so that everyone will get value from these emails regardless of skill level. New users will be given a “next step” to pursue with the new data at their fingertips, and veterans will get the statistics they need to move forward with optimizing their site.