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Segment's registration & user onboarding

Segment has a product that requires a technical installation. They make this process rather accessible to people of all skill levels through some a simple onboarding flow. Not to mention that have an awesome 'frictionless' registration form.

Segment's 'frictionless sign up form' is awesome. All a user does is enter an email address and Segment pre-fills their first and last name by using Clearbit's API. Sign up friction is an activation killer.
Option to upgrade seeds the Team Plan product early.
Step 1 of set up is to select sources. Users cannot advance without selecting a source. The breadcrumb-style navigation serves as a progress bar.
Once selected, the next step is to install the javascript. There's an option to 'Invite your teammates' for users that are in over their head'
The onboarding flow ends by landing users on install instructions